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When we are facing pain and adversity, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. This book seeks to shatter that illusion, illustrating the reality that so many of us suffer in silence, holding on to the broken pieces of our past. Through a collection of inspiring stories from real people struggling with everything from abuse and trauma to addiction and loss, this book shows how God’s love keeps us through even our darkest struggles. Whether by providing comfort and guidance from His Word or bringing us a sense of belonging through His fellowship, God is there for us every step of the way. So if you’re looking for hope amidst all of life’s challenges, look no further than this powerful book – it will help you come to see that in “Who Wouldn’t Serve a God Like This?” there truly is no better place to turn.

Meet the Visionary

Pamela Hope has a background as a Top Producing Insurance and Sales professional, entrepreneur, highly sought after Bible-based Success Coach and, one of Les Brown’s “Power Voice” speakers.  Pamela is a videocast social media influencer and talk show host of the show, “Who Wouldn’t Serve A God Like This?”  Now she adds, Visionary Author of this very powerful anthological treasure, “Who Wouldn’t Serve A God Like This?”  to that list.  

Additionally, she is the Founder and CEO of the Dreams Unlimited Network and Dreams Unlimited Television Network.  She has a burning desire to Help Other People Excel.  It has been said that her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness, i.e., ”She loves to Help Other People Excel.” 

Pamela’s purpose and mission is to inspire others to know that they too can make it through any adversity.  Through her podcast, “Who Wouldn’t Serve A God Like This? ” series, she highlights and shares the traumas that God permits in our lives. Our triggers or those defining moments that are used to strengthen our faith, and our triumphs where we glorify God to help others waiting to be transformed.  She has a daily presence on social media Reading the Entire Bible in 365 days.  This presence is for those who aspire to build their spiritual muscles and receive their daily bread.

Serial Entrepreneur, Bible-based Success Coach, “Power Voice” Speaker, Videocast Host, and International #1 Best Selling Author.

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